Strods Andrejs

Lecturer. BSc Course: Laboratory of Entrepreneurship; BSc Specialisation Course: Entrepreneurship Visiting Faculty

Andrejs Strods is a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years. Andrejs has successfully launched and led a number of companies in technology sector. His collection of experiences includes building companies from scratch, attracting investment, growing organically and through mergers and acquisitions, achieving profitable operations and realizing the shareholder value through exits to strategic investors, managing post merger integration and building international teams and managing growth and international expansion.

Along with being a visiting faculty member at SSE Riga Andrejs is a founder and CEO of a startup company in the field of healthcare automation. During the latest years the company has attracted several rounds of venture capital investment and is currently on the path to internationalization.

Andrejs is actively involved in supporting startups by mentoring and sharing his experience with early stage companies. He communicates his thoughts by frequent public speaking on entrepreneurship as a mindset and attitude and on his professional area of healthcare economics and to promote his vision of the collaborative and engaging healthcare.